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Save Time, Space, and Money with PaperCast’s New Document Management Platform

Need help with scanning, shredding, or box storage?

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Retrieve all of your valuable documents at the click of a button with PaperCast.

Nationwide Partners

Have your documents picked-up, scanned, shredded, or saved with the help of our Nationwide partners.

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PaperCast AI

Retrieve all of your valuable documents at the click of a button with PaperCast’s simple to use AI Software.

Nationwide Partners

Have your documents picked-up, scanned, shredded, or saved with the help of our Nationwide partners.

Why Choose PaperCast?


PaperCast allows your organization to easily retrieve all of your documents from anywhere. Utilize our Autofile and full text search features to simplify document handling. Find any document in seconds including handwritten notes or invoices.

Space Saving

With PaperCast, you will no longer have to reserve valuable office space for document storage. Instead, our dedicated partners will collect your stored documents free of charge and scan them into an easy to use file cabinet alternative.

Green Friendly

PaperCast, with your approval, will shred and recycle your sensitive documents and help you reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, we will also donate a percentage of profits from every sale to one of our non-profit organizations.


Have access to your files 24/7 and on the go


Have access to your file 24/7 and on the go with PaperCast AI

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PaperCast Partners

Optional Services to Assist with your Digital Transformation

PaperCast Partners

Optional Services to Assist with your Digital Transformation

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Virtual File Cabinet

Ditch the cabinets, gain the space. PaperCast is a great go-forward solution for staying efficient.

Full Text Search + AI Generated Insights

Find your documents with ease, including handwritten notes with PaperCast's simple use of full text search features with AI-generated insights.

Autofile™ Documents

Reduce or even eliminate costs to file and manage docs with our AutoFile software.

Department Level Access

Set user access at the department level so that users only see the documents for which they are authorized.

Access Files From Anywhere Securely

Access your document anywhere securely while still remaining industry compliant. We are the fastest way for you to enable your remote workforce.

Nationwide Partners

Nationwide partners for the heavy lifting, box storage, scanning, shredding, file cabinet removal and recycling.

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Full Text Search
Inquire for Pricing
  • 2 Million Pages / 100 GB
  • 3 Users
  • 25k Pages AI Processing/Month*
  • E-Sign w/ DocuSign
  • AI Filing
  • Full Text Search
  • Email Support

Business Pro

Handwriting Recognition (Searchable)
Inquire for Pricing
  • Everything in Business +
  • 10 Million Pages / 500 GB
  • 10 Users
  • 50k Pages AI Processing/Month*
  • E-Sign w/ DocuSign
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • 2-Factor Verification
  • WORM Compliance
  • Phone/Email Support


Premium Tech Support
Inquire for Pricing
  • Everything included in Business Pro +
  • 25 Million Pages / 1.25 TB
  • 11+ Users
  • 100k Pages AI Processing/Month*
  • E-Sign w/ DocuSign
  • diamond green Premium Tech Support
Best value

*Additional Fees May Apply for Heavy Usage – Accounts have a set number of pages/documents included for AI processing. Most users will not exceed the usage on the plan best fit for their business volume. Heavy use clients will be charged a nominal overage fee of .0034 per page. Which equates to about $0.03 per 10-page document.

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Frequently asked questions

With our nationwide team of records management and office efficiency partners we can enable your workforce within a couple of weeks. This includes, picking up documents for scanning, shredding, and box storage.  This time frame will also allow you to get old cabinets removed and assist your company with pivoting, be it upsize/downsize, or whatever else the universe sends your way. Best of all, PaperCast™ will have you up and running out of the gate so you can immediately start leveraging Autofile™, AI Assisted Full Text Search, and SnapSignSend™, and all of our amazing features designed to make your life easier.

Here’s the great news, you will start saving money immediately. You have to also take into account the time and effort associated with filing, even digitally, that will be cut down and simplified with our AI based tools. Our pricing is incredibly competitive so you, our coveted client and partner, can achieve a near immediate return on investment.

Let me answer that by sharing a couple recent cases we helped resolve.  Last year, we helped a client in Cerritos save $500 a month by closing a storage unit, literally overnight. We have freed up countless lunchrooms over the last ten years.  Think of it like this, you have a storage room footprint of 500 square feet (not a lot), you pay $2 per square foot. Our typical office saves over $1000 a month in reduced storage costs. You can repurpose the space, or ditch it. Our company has been instrumental for folks that are either scaling up, and do not want a physical footprint of filing cabinets, or downsizing and simply don’t have the real estate.  As of recent, we have been an incredible ally in helping companies make physical documents accessible to remote teams and departments.

The benefits of PaperCast™ are simple. We provide our customers with a one stop shop to help them swiftly and efficiently initiate their digital transformation.  We do the heavy lifting, and empty out the last remaining physical files, documents, binders, archives, etc., then we make those records available in an AI assisted full text search and take the weight out of filing with our Autofile™ engines.  You will never lose a file again and within a week or two, your remote teams have access to documents that were locked in cabinets. You will basically eliminate filing costs. Immediately you will start seeing customer service performance boosts because your teams will have instant access to information. You can now resolve issues on the fly and eliminate the need to search for a file and call back a client.

Papercast takes user/data security and compliance very seriously and therefore per our terms of service login credentials must not be shared by multiple persons. However, unlike many companies, we don’t charge per user or “per seat”. With Papercast, we offer 3 plans with generous amounts of users to fit the needs of any sized business. Call us to discuss a customized solution.

If you exceed your plan limits, don’t panic.  We are bringing you AI and machine learning at a fraction of the cost. We keep it simple.  If you exceed the storage in your plan, you can easily and seamlessly move to the higher tier plan. For enterprise, just give us a call. 

Full text search, handwriting recognition, and artificial intelligence requires specialized processing. Each plan includes a set amount of processing included per month. In the event of overages, they will be billed a nominal fee of .0034 per page, which equates to about $.03 per 10-page document. Talk with us to find which plan is best suited for your needs.

The simple answer to this is NO WE DO NOT HOLD RECORDS RANSOM.  PaperCast™ was initially created so service bureaus could deliver large files and meta data to clients. It’s what we do. 

If you need your documents in a certain export format, let us know what it is, and we will produce it. In most cases, we can use a comma or pipe delimited export file format that almost any system can ingest. There is a nominal fee to do this as we incur charges pulling down from AWS. We see records held ransom constantly in the document management industry and our primary mission is to make your digital transformation as easy as possible. 

It’s simple to get records out of PaperCast™. We know that for some, our platform will be a holding ground and staging area for a few months while vertically oriented software is being configured. Exporting records is easy and inexpensive; after all, they are your records, and you can have them in any format, whenever you want them.