Feature Spotlight -
Handwriting Recognition

A spotlight on the ICR (intelligent character recognition) feature built into Papercast


What is ICR?

Intelligent character recognition is the technology built into PaperCast that allows us to convert handwriting into searchable, usable metadata. What that means is that with our system all handwritten notes or forms are fully searchable by any keyword in the document. That means the notion of long, complex, and error-prone naming conventions is a thing of the past. Beyond searchability, we are able to use AI and machine learning to extract things like name, address, email, phone, quantity, etc. from handwritten documents eliminating keystrokes!

Create actionable data

A great buzzword, but what does it all mean? What it means is that we are able to take a handwritten document, extract the information we need to index using AI, and then export that data in either a report or as a .csv to be ingested into another system.


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