Welcome to PaperCast, The Next-Generation Document Management Platform.

PaperCast is the next-generation of document management platforms. It leverages cutting-edge AI to help you easily file and organize documents and has built in proprietary features like word cloud generation and full text search. You can now have all your documents in one simple, intuitive platform that is easily customizable and searchable. Read detailed feature explanations below or try it free now!



PaperCast is an easy to use cloud-based document management system that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Easy enough for your clients to use without a learning curve and robust enough to manage, sign, and share documents with retention compliance built in.​

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Most companies have transitioned to some form of digital file management but still have file cabinets with fragmented windows and cloud based drives that no longer serve them.

Unfiled Inbox

  • Everything is full text search (even when residing in 'to be' files)
  • Never misplace or misfile another document
  • Easy to use and powerful proprietary search engine technology
  • Word cloud automatically generated for each document


  • Segmented departmental access and reporting
  • Set retention parameters per department (i.e. HR Dept- 7 years, Sales- 10 years)
  • Simple and visual file structure
  • One click to add another department


  • Dive deeper into the detailed analytics of your documents


  • Tag documents with additional additional unique identifiers (i.e. 'Karen's Desk')
  • Tagged document are placed in a visual file structure
  • Each tagged document is automatically placed in the corresponding file

Recent Uploads

  • Keep track of which docs have been uploaded
  • Easily find recently uploaded docs for quick tags


  • Gain Further AI insights
  • Word cloud is generated per document search