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Why Papercast?

Our clients demanded it.  They wanted a secure, affordable, compliant, SIMPLE solution for digital records management.  The alternatives are endless; most are expensive and have steep learning curves and are wrought with limitations.

We built from the ground up, a  Simple, Affordable – Best Practice Document Management System.



PaperCast is an easy to use cloud-based document management system that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Easy enough for your clients to use without a learning curve and robust enough to manage, sign, and share documents with retention compliance built in.​

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Most companies have transitioned to some form of digital file management but still have file cabinets with fragmented windows and cloud based drives that no longer serve them.

Unfiled Inbox

All documents residing in the Unfiled Inbox are full text searchable regardless of being indexed.


Departments are fully customizable down to retention rate, data fields, and which users have access.

Full Text Search

Any text in any document uploaded is full text searchable and can easily be found based on name, invoice number, phone number, or any specific text identifier.

Built-in E-signatures with DocuSign

Send any document to be signed by any amount of signers, all without leaving Papercast.

Keyword Word Cloud Generation

Every document uploaded automatically generates a word cloud of the most important keywords in the document.

Secure Document Sharing

Securely share documents to anyone regardless of whether they have an account.

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