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Just need a simple file cabinet alternative?

Why PaperCast?

Virtual File Cabinet

PaperCast is an excellent "go forward" file cabinet alternative

Full-Text Search

Files in PaperCast are full text searchable. We use AI and machine learning to ensure you never lose another file

Faster Filing

Accelerate your ability to file and reduce or even eliminate filing costs

One-Stop Record Consolidation

We offer box storage, scanning, & shredding and help you easily choose the best options based on your needs and retention requirements

Remote Access

PaperCast allows you to securely access your files from anywhere

E-Signature Built In

PaperCast has full DocuSign integration built in. Request and send multiple signatures right from our platform

"Our experience in digital archiving is second to none. With over 20 years of experience, PaperCast provides a combination of technology and full service to give you the best records management solutions available."
Guy Puckett

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