Welcome Aboard! Let's Get Started


Now that you have been through the initial setup and you have your VAR PaperCast account you are ready to start inviting users into the system. If you have not already completed this process, please reach out to us at support@papercast.ai or call us at (888) 417-1844 to get your VAR invite and complete the initial on board.


The next step is getting the word out there. As a PaperCast VAR, we ask that you put a paragraph on your website with the attached nationwide partner logo announcing the partnership with PaperCast as following:

"[your company name] has joined forces with PaperCast, the next-generation of document management platforms. Using our system you can now search and find any document with our full-text search and handwriting recognition, leverage our AI to easily file and index documents, or e-sign with our DocuSign integration. You can now have all your documents in one simple, intuitive platform that is easily customizable and searchable."

"Right Click and Save"


Reach out to any existing clients that may be a good fit for PaperCast. Attached to the right are some marketing materials you can use to assist you in informing your clients of the features packed in PaperCast.

PaperCast Promotional Video

This video link is sharable and contains important links to get them started.

PaperCast Marketing Flyer

This flyer contains an overview of PaperCast's services and offerings.