Why Papercast?

Why was Papercast created and what lead up to this creation?


PaperCast started with Archive IT, a record consolidation company based out of Torrance, CA. In operation for over 17 years, Guy and ArchiveIT started with mainly servicing the escrow and real estate industries, but upon increased demand expanded into a variety of industries.

Often times what is seen in the industry is that people seek out record consolidation and then after getting all the records digitized and cleaning out that file cabinet, they start filling it back up. In this scenario, they are going to find themselves in the same situation, out of space and overwhelmed with file storage. What if there was a digital solution where all of your files where organized by department and full text searchable?Some huge corporations may have this already in place, but most companies don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a system just for file management.

This is where the idea for Papercast was born. It was created out of a need to find a simple, affordable document management solution that could work for anyone. With Papercast, we were able to create something that is cutting edge, packed with useful features to save time, yet affordable and adaptable for any sized business.

Papercast is a turn-key solution to document management. Often companies storing off-site or renting additional space will actually see savings within the first year of going digital. Don’t wait, don’t scramble to find another file, contact us today and have one of our experts assist you in finding a digital solution perfect for your needs!

“Access files remotely, automate your document filing, and ditch the cabinets, gain the space.”